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Anky Free Rider

Do you want to work on your posture and sitting, balance and coordination on the horse? Or get in shape a bit more? Then read on!

The ANKY Free Rider offers fantastic exercises that stimulate the body’s cardiovascular system. The unique combination of the horse’s and rider’s movements requires a lot of effort and coordination, which stimulates the balance of the body.

When the horse moves, the rider on the horse’s back constantly tries to keep his/her balance. In an attempt to restore balance, the deeper muscles are trained by contracting and relaxing them.

The three-dimensional rhythmic movements of the ANKY Free Rider work on the deeper muscles of the hips, waist, pelvis and lower back (core stability). But other muscles such as the hamstring are also trained.

The ANKY Free Rider helps you find a better balance and at the same time slims the waist and hips through the specific movement.

This device is certainly also suitable for people who do not ride a horse but still want to work on their flexibility, balance and/or want to lose weight around the waist and hips.

A training on the ANKY Free Rider takes about 30 minutes. Floor will guide you during this training and give you advice for a better posture and sitting.

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Note: If you are pregnant, if you suffer from injuries or if you are being treated by a doctor or therapist, please consult a doctor before using the Free Rider.